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How to get from SFO to Downtown San Francisco without a Rental Car

How to get from SFO to San Francisco
Written by Jeff

SFO to Downtown SF By Rail – BART

This is the cheapest but slightly slower option (unless it’s rush hour) and will run you a bit over $10 per person. Trains from SFO to Market Street take around 40 minutes. BART doesn’t run 24 hours, so this may force you to snag a rideshare. 

Bart Schedule:

  • Weekdays (4:00 am – Midnight)
  • Saturday (6:00 am – Midnight)
  • Sunday (8:00 am – Midnight)

On weekdays trains run every 15 minutes. On nights and weekends trains run every 20 minutes. You can find schedules on the BART website. We’d recommend using to better time your train.

You can’t buy BART tickets online. You can buy them through the automated ticket machines at the transit locations. They accept coins, bills, and credit cards. There is a little bit of a learning curve to use the machines for the first time, but you can find BART staff who can help you, if needed. Once you get to your station, you’ll probably have a bit of a walk to your destination.

SFO to Downtown SF By Rideshare – Uber or Lyft

Uber or Lyfy San Francisco

Each of these options will run you a bit more money than BART, but will get you exactly to your destination without any extra navigation. Getting to see the sights on your way is arguably the better value, if you are on limited time. Unless it’s rush hour, then an Uber or Lyft fare is going to be astronomical and the ride will probably take longer than a BART train.

Non-Rush Hour Fare estimates as of 12/2016

  • UberPool (ride share) – $17-$25
  • UberX (private car) – $25-$35
  • Lyft Line (ride share) <$26
  • Lyft (private car) $26-$35

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