The guide to starting your own travel blog- it's easier than you think!

How To Make A Travel Blog

updated on November 7th, 2017

Love to travel and want to share your tips and stories? Ready to get started? We’ve put this guide together to help you get through the initial steps of registering a domain, setting up hosting, installing WordPress, analytics, and getting yourself a professional, custom email address. If you want to set up a travel blog for personal or business reasons, the tutorials below are required steps that anyone will need to take and will get you to the starting point.

What this is: This is a technical guide to help new travel bloggers navigate the intimidating first steps on their way to blogging.

What this isn’t: A guide to quit your job and make thousands of dollars in a couple months with a travel blog.

All of that sound good? Awesome, let’s get started!

Setup Topics

If you’re just beginning to set up a travel blog, I recommend following each of these topics in order. If you have any questions, please comment or hit us up on social media! We’re happy to help.