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How to Book a Cruise with Marriott Bonvoy Points: Ultimate Guide

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Written by Jeff

Using Marriott points for a cruise isn’t the most common point redemption, but it’s possible! With questionable redemption values, the Marriott Bonvoy program does allow you to redeem your Mariott points for a cruise on any popular cruise line. Here, we’ll dive into the process of how to book a cruise with Marriott points and how to make the most out of your maritime redemption.

Introduction to Marriott Bonvoy Program

Marriott Bonvoy is a loyalty program that allows members to earn points through hotel stays, events, and partnerships. The points can be redeemed for hotel stays, shopping, car rentals, and cruise vacations among other things.

  • Earning Points: Members earn points for every dollar spent on Marriott bookings and with Marriott co-branded credit cards.
  • Redeeming Points: Points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards, including booking cruise vacations.

Exploring Cruise Options

Marriott Bonvoy Cruise Portal

Marriott offers cruise options through their cruise portal, Cruise with Points. They have sailing options through all the popular cruise lines. You can use their website to explore different destinations, cruise lines, and itineraries to dial in on the cruise you’re after.

  • Cruise Lines: Partnered with popular cruise lines to offer a wide variety of cruising experiences.
  • Destinations: From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, the options are endless.

Use Your Marriott Points for a Cruise

When it comes to actually making the point redemption for the cruise, you have two options. You can redeem your points for a cruise certificate, which can be applied as a partial payment towards your cruise. Alternatively, you can redeem them to cover the entire cost of the cruise.

No matter the amount of points you choose to redeem, each point will represent a value of $0.004 cents, or 250 points per $1.

Here’s a breakdown of the value of a Marriott Cruises Certificate against the cost in Marriott Points:

Value of Marriott Cruises CertificateCost in Marriott Bonvoy Points
$25063,000 points
$500125,000 points
$1,000250,000 points
$2,500625,000 points
$5,0001,250,000 points

How to Book a Cruise with Marriott Bonvoy Points

You can’t finalize your booking and point redemption on their cruise portal, but booking a cruise with Marriott Bonvoy Points is a straightforward process, albeit with a personal touch. You’ll need to contact Marriott Cruises directly at 1-800-596-0452, available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST​​.

  • Redeem for Cruise Certificate: Points can be redeemed for a cruise certificate which can be used as a partial payment towards your cruise.
  • Full Cruise Booking: If you have enough points, you can redeem them to cover the entire cost of the cruise.

For example, this Virgin Voyages cruise would be 173,500 Marriott Points for an interior room.

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    Maximizing Your Marriott Bonvoy Points

    We all want to get the best value out of our Marriott Points. Unfortunately, redeeming points for cruises with any loyalty program is typically not a great value. However, if you’re the value can be high if you’re really after cruising for free or at a discount by using some stockpiled points. Here are some tips to maximize your points:

    • Earning More Points: Utilize Marriott co-branded credit cards, hotel stays, and partnerships to earn more points.
    • Transfer Points to Marriott Bonvoy: Boost your Marriott Bonvoy points balance by transferring points from other loyalty programs. Here’s a table showing the transfer ratios from various partners:
    PartnerTransfer Ratio to Marriott Bonvoy
    Chase Ultimate Rewards1:1
    American Express1:1.5 (with 25% bonus)
    ANA Mileage Club1:1
    Cathay Pacific Asia Miles2:1
    Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles2:1
    Japan Airlines JAL Mileage Bank4:3
    Korean Air SKYPASS2:1
    Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer2:1
    United MileagePlus1:1

    Additional Resources for Cruise Planning

    Marriott’s Cruise with Points platform is a comprehensive resource for planning your cruise vacation.

    • Cruise Themes: Explore different themes like wellness cruises, adventure cruises, or luxury cruises.
    • Loyalty Benefits: Discover the cruise line loyalty benefits available through Marriott’s program.


    Booking a cruise with Marriott Bonvoy Points may not always be the best redemption value, but it definitely has its place in the hierarchy of redemption options.

    Find more information on how to book a cruise with points.

    Marriott Cruise with Points platform makes it easy to browse available cruises and though the value isn’t great, their point pricing structure makes it easy to know exactly how much you’ll need to book a cruise with Marriott.

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