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Straža Bled, An Adrenaline Rush in Slovenia

Looking for a bit of a thrill on your trip to Lake Bled? The Straža Mountain Resort in Bled, Slovenia has some seriously intense stuff waiting for you. During the winter, they offer a ski resort that has your normal ski runs...

Travel Tips

Nintendo Switch- A Worthy Travel Companion?

At Bold Tourist, we’re suckers for new technology. We’re also suckers for video games. We made a rash decision to buy a Nintendo Switch just before our last long trip. Is the Nintendo Switch worth taking along on your travels...

Italy Photography

The Best Places to Take Photos in Rome

Regardless of your level of expertise, the Eternal City is an endless carousel of opportunities to test your photography skills thanks to a bustling modern metropolis built right into the ancient world. Although iconic landmarks...


Visiting Krk Island, Croatia? Here’s How to Get There.

We recently visited the island of Krk, Croatia. Krk is a really neat little island, and the city of the same name is also worth a visit. But, how do you get there? We asked this same question and got a lot of conflicting answers...


Where to Find Belgian Waffles- In Brussels

If you visit Brussels, Belgium, you should probably drink a Belgian beer and eat a Belgian Waffle. Finding waffles in Brussels can potentially be a bit harder than you’d think (especially after breakfast time), but if you find...


Getting to the Island on Lake Bled

Slovenia, a small country we heard locals affectionately call “the size of a postage stamp,” is a seriously gorgeous place! We visited in the height of tourist season, mid-August, and it still had a relaxed, quiet vibe.   Of...