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Is it Worth it to Visit Paris in February?

When I was planning one of our trips to Europe, I found myself googling terms: “What is Paris like in February?” “How cold is Paris in February?” “is Paris miserable in February?” Even though I found some TripAdvisor forums...


The Ferry from Naples to Ischia

Want to see a neat island in Italy, without battling the tourists? We suggest Ischia! It’s a super adorable island that doesn’t see quite as many visitors as nearby Capri. It’s also really easy to get to if you’re already in...


Getting Around Venice- Vaporetto Tips & Tricks

Venice is an island, and if you’re in relatively good shape, you can walk the whole thing. But if you had a bit too much pizza and wine (not speaking from experience AT ALL), you might feel lazy, and want to take some public...


Where to Stay: Hotels On The Grand Canal in Venice

One of the most visited cities in Europe, Venice is known for the many old-world charms spread around its famous canals and waterways, which creates a unique atmosphere you simply can’t find anywhere else in the world. While...


A Layover in Munich

On our last trip to Europe, we ended up taking a train from Brussels, Belgium to Ljubljana, Slovenia. In the middle of this trip we found ourselves with about 7 hours to kill in Munich, Germany. Germany is a neat country, but...