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updated on March 18th, 2021

Who are the Bold Tourists?

About Us

We’re Jeff and Amy. We grew up next door to each other (literally) in Salt Lake City, Utah. We’ve known each other since we were both 7 years old, but it took us until adulthood to realize we’re a perfect match. We have two sweet puppies, Ellie and Gracie, (who spend time with grandparents when we go international) and a happy home life. When we’re not traveling or writing about traveling, we’re catching up on popular TV shows and playing video games together. Ask us about our battlestations.

About Jeff

I work a corporate 9-5 job in business intelligence. I love dabbling in web development and most things tech. I’m a car guy and currently drive an Audi S3. My wanderlust is thanks to my grandma and parents, who kept me traveling extensively to Mexico and the Caribbean since I was 8. Foreign languages fascinate me and I’m envious of omniglots- though I’m trying to be one!

About Amy

I’m a Registered Nurse by day, and a world traveler by… paid time off. I work in pediatrics (kids), but my second favorite subject is epidemiology (public health). I’ve also spent time in emergency medicine and I’m always prepared for the worst when I’m on the road. I’m learning more about travel writing and photography by the day. My parents gave me the love for travel from an early age, and my dad writes for us often.

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