San Francisco

Getting Around Downtown San Francisco without a Rental Car

Downtown San Francisco
Written by Jeff

Once downtown we walk as much as possible. One of our best outings was walking from the Embarcadero to Haight Street. It was a long walk full of adventure, stopping into small bars, and taking hundreds of photos. We typically use Uber or Lyft to get to farther distances and we’ll occasionally jump on the bus if it’s a straight shot with no transfers.

The famous Cable Car system in San Francisco only serves a small area. Don’t plan on this to be more than a fun tourist activity, because you likely won’t get very far. We also didn’t find their timetables to be very reliable.

Getting Around SF Without a Rental Car

BART provides some quick access to certain parts of the city, as well as taking you across the bay to Oakland. Also, if you’re really interested in visiting Oakland, you can grab a ferry.

Traveling SF Via Bart

If you’ll be doing a lot of walking, which we highly recommend, bring along a great pair of shoes that have been broken-in. A long weekend in bad walking shoes left us with horrible foot blisters and forced us to buy some cheap flip-flops in Chinatown. Blister bandaids have been saviors and are a smart item to pack, just in case!

Also, if you’re walking this much, it’s fun to have a FitBit or some kind of pedometer. We knock out 20k steps easily and love seeing all the activity logged.

San Francisco is famous for all its hills and twisty streets. It’s also famous for unique architecture and fantastic culture- so take your time and wander the streets. You never know what you’ll come across.

Getting Around San Francisco

If you’re physically up for it, renting a bike in San Francisco can give you a new perspective on the sights.

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