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Best Koh Lanta Beaches

Katiang Bay Beach Koh Lanta Thailand
Written by Jeff

On our last day on Koh Lanta Yai, we wanted to see all of the beaches the island had to offer. We had seen a couple, but we wanted to see them all. We rented a scooter the day before and felt confident that with a full day, we’d be able to hit every “major” beach on the west (more touristed side) of Ko Lanta Yai. Below is a list, some pictures, and what’s nearby. The businesses are typically bars, hostels, hotels, and resorts and was correct at the time of writing. Please, shoot me a message or comment if something should be updated.


Koh Lanta North Beaches


Kaw Kwang

Kaw Kwang is the northern most beach on Koh Lanta Yai. While this beach deserves to be on the list, it’s misleading because the only way you will be able to visit Kaw Kwang, is if you’re staying in the Crown Lanta Resort. As we weren’t staying there, we weren’t actually able to visit or take any pics of the beach. There are a few bars up in this area, but if you end up on a beach, it won’t be Kaw Kwang. You will be at the norther edge of Klong Dao.

What to do and where to stay on Kaw Kwang beach

  • Crown Lanta – Resort
  • Rock Beach Bar
  • Kaw Kwang
  • Selfie Bar
  • Twin Bay

Klong Dao

Klong Dao Beach Koh Lanta Thailand

Klong Dao Beach is one of the largest beaches on Koh Lanta. It offers up a large, picturesque bay with points on either end. The beach is pretty dense with hotels, hostels, and bars all up and down the beach. There’s plenty to do without walking all that far.

Klong Dao Beach Koh Lanta Thailand

What to do and where to stay on Klong Dao Beach

  • Costa
  • Twin  Lotus
  • Cha Da
  • Noble House
  • Laguna Beach Club
  • Mook Anda Bar
  • Hey Beach Hostel
  • Hans Bungalow
  • Sea Fun & Sea
  • Royal Lanta
  • Golden Bay Cottage
  • Oasis Yoga Bungalow
  • Diamond Sand Palace
  • Southern Lanta
  • L.Diver Lanta Villa
  • Picasso Cha Ba
  • Easy Bar & Restaurant
  • Lanta Island Bar
  • Lanta Island Resort
  • Lanta Sea House
  • Klong Dao Beach Resort
  • Expert Massage Maya
  • Bee Garden
  • Andaman Lanta
  • Koala Bar Ocean View
  • Raan Restaurant & Bungalow
  • Boogie Bay Bar Asylum
  • Phet Restaurant
  • Bannan Beach Resort
  • Slow Down
  • Time for Lime Cooking School & Bungalow
  • Holiday Villa

Phra Ae – Long Beach

Phra Ae Long Beach Koh Lanta Thailand

Just around the south point of Klong Dao, you’ll find Phra Ae, or Long Beach. Exactly as it sounds, Long Beach is a very long and straight beach. This beach is far less populated than Klong Dao, that is unless you’re staying near the Funky Fish. There is a large section of bars, hostels, and hotels, pretty much right in the center of Long Beach. The northern and southern ends aren’t as crowded as central. If you’re searching for a beach for the day, there’s a great public park on the south end with bathrooms and nearby to bars.

Phra Ae Long Beach Koh Lanta Thailand

What to do and where to stay on Phra Ae – Long Beach

  • Black Pearl Bar Lanta Resort
  • Sayang Resort
  • Thai Cat Seapearl Lanta
  • Lanta Sand Resort
  • Ozone
  • Soi Funky Fish
    • Happy Bar
    • Yanang Home
    • Funny Farm
    • Clazy House
    • Wild Flower
    • See Sky High
    • Jacky Bungalow
    • Chillout House Lanta Panda
    • David Camp
    • Dragon Ink
    • Aule Guesthouse
    • Coconut Home
    • Blue Sky Beach
    • Ozone Beach Hut
    • Ozone Bar
    • Williams Stadium
    • Treehouse
    • Funky Fish Hostel
    • Easy Huts
    • Aleena Minimart & Bungalow
    • Hello Meme Bungalow
    • Best House
    • LD Beach Bungalow
    • Arrow House
    • Funky Fish Bungalow
  • Lanta Diver
  • San Sunset
  • Palm Beach Divers
  • Lazy Seals
  • Nakara
  • Layana
  • Lyms
  • Pangea
  • SCasuarena
  • Dive & Relax Castaway Resort
  • Sanctuary
  • Thai House
  • Malee Seaview
  • Nautilus
  • Lanta Marina
  • Korner Bar
  • Mook Lanta
  • Hutyee Boat

Relax Beach

Relax Beach Koh Lanta Thailand

Koh Lanta’s Relax Beach is a small-ish stretch of white sandy beach. It is much less crowded than the beaches further north. It mainly features lodging options, but there are also a few beach bars. If you’re looking to stay on a quiet beach that is also close to some of the larger party areas, Relax Beach is the place for you.

Relax Beach Koh Lanta Thailand

What to do and where to stay on Relax Beach

  • Relax Bay Resort
  • Viva Zapata
  • Lanta Diver
  • Moloko
  • Sea Culture
  • Fusion Bar & Tattoo
  • Andaman Bay
  • Lazy Days

Klong Khong

This stretch of beach doesn’t have real firm defining boundaries.  Klong Khong beach is about a mile and a half long, with many beach bars and lodging options spread out along the way. This is where we stayed, in the Lanta New Beach Bungalows. While some of the bars and lodging options can be kind of spread out, potentially making for a small trek up or down the beach if you want to try out a neighboring bar or restaurant. We loved this area.

What to do and where to stay on Klong Khong Beach

  • Sunset Beach Bar
  • Lanta New Beach Bungalows
  • Blue Andaman
  • Sound Shack Bar & Tattoo
  • Meeting Point Coco Lanta
  • Emerald
  • L.Diver
  • Riviera
  • Freedom Bar Green Garden
  • Cigar Bar
  • Darawadee
  • Summer Beach
  • Lighthouse
  • Bali
  • Veranda Lanta & Spa
  • Moonwalk Blue Bailey Farung
  • Seashell Beach Sea Sand Sun
  • Feeling Bar Where Else
  • Holy Cow
  • Pavilion
  • Bee Bee Bungalow
  • Family
  • New Coconut
  • LM Tropics
  • Fins Stone
  • Isara Lanta
  • Monkey Bungalow
  • Fishermans
  • Nice N Easy
  • New Ozone
  • Dareen Resort
  • Baan Thai Lanta
  • Klapa Klum
  • Lanta Wild Beach
  • Krit Friendly Bar
  • 6ixcret Bar
  • Lanta Corner Resort


Koh Lanta Central Beaches


Klong Toab

Klong Toab Beach Koh Lanta

There’s not a lot going on along Klong Toab beach. Vendors will setup produce stands along the road and the beach sometimes and that’s about it. On either end, there’s a couple restaurants and places to stay. The main stretch of the Klong Toab beach isn’t exactly ideal for lounging. If that’s what you’re after, we’d definitely recommend heading somewhere else.

  • Salty Fish Bistro
  • Shanti Shanti
  • Coconut Grove
  • Coconut Bay
  • Moonlight

Klong Nin

Klong Nin Beach Koh Lanta Thailand

In terms of resorts, the road up and down Klong Nin is main street. There are a ton of places to stay and a ton of beach bars. If you’re feeling social, this is the place for you.

What to do and where to stay on Klong Nin Beach

  • Rawi Rawin
  • Sabai Hotel
  • Lanta Palace Resort
  • Baan Peek Mai
  • Lanta Riversand
  • Rasta Baby
  • Lanta Sea Front
  • Clean Beach
  • Blue Moon
  • Beach Side
  • Jai Dee Home
  • Otto Bar
  • Roundhouse
  • Nick’s Garden
  • Koby Bar Nice Beach
  • Sunset Bungalow
  • Horizon Beach Bungalows
  • Pink House
  • Majestic Bar Paradise
  • Miami
  • Big Bang Bar Paragon
  • Srilanta 10 Beach Club
  • Anti Gravity Divers
  • Amantra
  • Nirvana Lanta

Nui Beach

Nui Beach Koh Lanta Thailand

Nui Beach is a really small stretch of beach with only one resort on it. The beach is open to the public, so feel free to make the hike down and if you’re lucky, grab one of the covered spots. There’s really no food or drink available on the beach, so be sure to pack that stuff if you decide to go here.
Note: This is NOT Nui Bay Beach

Nui Beach Koh Lanta Thailand

What to do and where to stay on Nui Beach

  • Diamond Cliff

Klong Hin

Klong Hin Beach is a bit of random stretch of beach without a lot going on. The beach is nice and sandy, but that changes fast if the tide is out and then it gets really rocky.

What to do and where to stay on Klong Hin Beach

  • Scubafish
  • Narima
  • Lanta Coral Beach
  • Pad Thai Rock N Roll Houben Hotel


Koh Lanta Southern Beaches


Kantiang Bay

Katiang Bay Beach Koh Lanta Thailand

Let’s just make this easy. If you’ve got money to throw around, you’ll be staying off this beach. The Pimalai Resort is just on the other side of the road to the beach. It runs around $700-$1,000 a night, but if you’re after truly five-star lodging, This is your place. To the south, heading up the cliff, there are some great bars and restaurants offering up stupid amazing beach views and great food.

What to do and where to stay on Kantiang Bay

  • Pimalai Resort
  • Bad Penny
  • Scubafish
  • Top View
  • Why Not Bar
  • Same Same But Different
  • Cliff Sunset Restaurant

Nui Bay

Nui Bay Beach Koh Lanta Thailand

Nui Bay is another SUPER quiet beach. After the hike down to the beach, there’s only one small place to get any food or drink.

Nui Bay Beach Koh Lanta Thailand

What to do and where to stay on Nui Bay

  • Noon Sunset

Klong Jark – Waterfall BayKlong Jark Beach - Waterfall Bay

Once you’ve made it south of Kantiang Bay, things get a lot quieter. Klong Jark, or Waterfall Bay offers up a nice wide beach, with a couple beach bars and lodging along it.

Klong Jark Koh Lanta

What to do and where to stay on Klong Jark

  • Anda Lanta
  • Last Beach
  • Klong Jark Bungalow

Mai Phai – Bamboo Bay

Koh Lanta Mai Phai Bamboo Bay Beach

All the way South, Bamboo Bay is as far down as you can get on the West side of the island. This beach is about a mile north of the Mu Ko Lanta National Park. It’s a bit of a drive to get all the way down there, and if you’re coming from Krabi, here’s how to get to Koh Lanta from Krabi by bus. If and when we come back to Koh Lanta, Mai Phai, or Bamboo Bay is where I’d want to stay. I’m in my thirties. I’m not after crazy full moon parties or bar hopping up and down the beach. Mai Phai offered up the perfect mix of seclusion, amenities, and a gorgeous beach. There are several places to stay along the beach and another couple beach bars.

Mai Phai Bamboo Bay Beach Koh Lanta

What to do and where to stay on Mai Phai – Bamboo Bay Beach

  • Bamboo Bay
  • The Dream
  • La Laanta

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