Getting to the Island on Lake Bled

lake bled, bled island, pletna boat
Written by Amy

Slovenia, a small country we heard locals affectionately call “the size of a postage stamp,” is a seriously gorgeous place! We visited in the height of tourist season, mid-August, and it still had a relaxed, quiet vibe.


lake bled, bled island, lake bled sunset

Lake Bled at sunset

Of course, if you’re hitting up Slovenia, you’re going to visit Lake Bled and the surrounding town. After you’ve marvelled at the view for a bit, you’ll probably want to check out that cute little island with the church jutting above it. You’re not the first person, by any means- this island had traces of prehistoric (11th-8th centuries, BC!) settlements.

Because Bled is a quaint little town, there aren’t noisy motorboats on the water. Instead, should you wish to visit by boat, you board a Pletna boat. These flat-bottom, shiny wood boats are operated by a single person with an oar who stands on the back of the boat. We were impressed by how quickly he paddled us across the lake! Once you get to the island, they typically give you around an hour to look around- enough time to see everything, in our experience- and then you return to the boat to head home. Our round-trip voyage cost €14 per person. You simply find one on shore, talk to the boat operator, and get on the boat! They take payment, cash-only, on the trip home.

pletna boad, lake bled, bled island

This is the Pletna boat- fits about 15 passengers comfortably

If you’re feeling more adventurous, there are boats and kayaks available for rent all around the island. Boats (you’re rowing yourself, no motors) were around €20 an hour, and kayaks were about €10 per hour for two people.

lake bled, bled island rowboat

A rowboat heading to the island

And, for those elite athletes around us, you could always swim! Alas, we were feeling quite relaxed, due to the serene setting around us, and we opted for the easiest way: the Pletna boat!

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