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Budapest Hotels with Balconies on the Danube

Marriott Budapest
Written by Jeff

updated on April 19th, 2019

I love balconies. It’s always one of my top requests when looking for lodging in any city. I don’t need an opulent room, but if I can stick my head outside to see, hear, and smell the city I’m staying in, I’m in heaven.

I’m always surprised at the lack of information available for which hotels offer balconies and what room type you need to book to get one. This was no different on a recent trip to Budapest, Hungary. There were two things I wanted in a hotel room: A view of the Danube and a balcony to view it from. I knew it wouldn’t be cheap but figured this could be my “splurge” during the trip. Before I arrived in Budapest, I was only able to find one hotel that fit the bill: the Marriott Budapest.

Unfortunately, the Marriott Budapest only offered balconies, or more specifically, “terraces” for their highest level suites. Even with my splurge budget these were a bit too spendy. I still booked a room at the Marriott for the view, but I made sure to keep an eye out for hotels with balconies while I was there. These are the hotels I found:

Marriott Budapest
Credit: Marriott

Marriott Budapest

  • Executive Suite
  • JW Marriott Suite
Budapest Hotel Clark
Credit: Hotel Clark

Hotel Clark

  • Deluxe Danube View Room
Budapest Art'Otel
Credit: Art’Otel


  • Art Suite
Budapest Hotel Gellert
Credit: Hotel Gellert

Danubius Hotel Gellert

  • Superior Room
  • Suite
  • Deluxe Suite

I hope this short list is helpful to those like me who love stepping into the city from the comfort of their hotel room. I’m sure the above list isn’t complete as they were only the ones I spotted while walking around the city. If you are aware any others I can add to this list, please let me know!

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