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Considering A Traditional Wedding In Old Mexico?

Traditional Wedding Mexico
Written by Jeff

updated on May 9th, 2019

Dreaming of having your wedding at a beautiful, exotic locale, with white sand beaches and graceful palm trees as the stage for the ceremony, perhaps with some ancient ruins framing a huge red sun as it slowly sinks into an unbelievably clear blue sea?

Not surprisingly, a lot of people have that dream, and they’re making it come true with a destination wedding in Mexico. Mexican weddings have been trendy for a few years now, and it’s not just the location that draws couples. Many are captivated by the charming customs of the traditional Mexican wedding. And where better to recreate south of the border nuptials than a Mexico destination wedding?

A Caballero and His Bride

The traditional Mexican style wedding ceremony is a wonderful blend of the ceremonies of the Catholic Church and ancient Aztec rituals that were performed before the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors.

The bride is dressed very modestly in a full-length white gown and veil with long sleeves and lots of lace. The groom will be wearing a bolero-type jacket and tight fitting white pants such as a bullfighter might wear, or perhaps a loose-fitting white blouse, with or without lace, and matching loose trousers. (Think Antonio Banderas.) The bridesmaids and groomsmen bear the rings and the bride’s bouquet, though the bride may opt for a fan instead. Often there are godparents, also referred to as “patrinos,” who play a huge role in the wedding.

The groom arrives at the church bearing a gift of 13 gold coins as a proof of his undying fidelity and his ability to support his new bride.

The couple is entwined with a lasso of silver or rosary beads as a symbol of love and unity.

Mixing the Old and the New

Many couples are opting to blend elements of the traditional and the modern. Here’s how three of them tied the knot in Mexico.

Andy and Kara chose the gorgeous ocean destination of Playa del Carmen for their nuptials with purple and green colors and a message in a bottle theme. Their guests enjoyed authentic Mexican cuisine and sweets while sipping pina coladas to the music of a Mariachi band.

Max and Sara chose something a bit different, and held their ceremony in the quiet and shady pine forests outside of Mexico City. Sara celebrated the old culture with a traditional dress and trees draped with chains created with locally harvested peach blossoms.

The enchanting beaches of Tulum provided the backdrop for Lauren and Tony’s small and quaint wedding, with bouquets of avocados and roses and the bride in an old-fashioned style crocheted dress.

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