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Eddie’s First (and second) Overnighter!

Eddie in the desert
Written by Amy

updated on September 17th, 2017

We wanted to test this beast out as soon as possible. The weather had other plans.

Luckily, my brother likes to drive out to the desert to shoot guns and scratch his balls and various other guy stuff. Sounds perfect for the first night in the RV!

My kids were with their dad, so it was just Mr. Jeff, Patrick, and me. And our two dogs, of course. There was a bit of off-roading involved, and during this process we lost a roof vent cover and the sewer hose, but everything else made it!

We got lots of shots of a factory in the distance blowing smoke over the RV, and my brother stripped to his underwear to get us a great Breaking Bad shot.

I have to say, I am super impressed with Cousin Eddie. Almost everything works, down to the water and fridge and heater etc. The only things that we can’t seem to get right are the air conditioner and the outlets on the wall. The rest of the battery powered items all work, but not the outlet. These are minor projects for another day, though. Oh, and the awning is super crooked, but I think it adds to the charm.

The next night, my brother had to get home, but Jeff and I weren’t done having fun. So we did what any true RV camper would do, and drove to the local Walmart to camp overnight.

And it. was. awesome!

Really, I think that was because of how excited we were about the new-ness of it all, but who cares.

And now Eddie is stuck back in my driveway, awaiting another adventure with his humans.

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