RV Life

Picking Up Cousin Eddie

Written by Amy

updated on September 17th, 2017

We picked up Eddie on a Friday afternoon. I brought along The Main Dudes in my life. My brother PB, who is brilliant with engines and mechanics and taking things apart to put back together again. My Man Friend, Mr. Jeff, who knows quite a bit about cars, is brilliant at business, is my best confidant, and understands my weird scheming mind. Missing from this equation was my father, who chose this important time in my life to travel through Africa without internet connection. (Kidding, I’m really happy my parents spend their retirement traveling the world!)

The drive home was… interesting. I fully understand that I have a beater RV with a somewhat-decent engine.

First, The Main Dudes both refused to drive it and told me I had to. I’m sorry but I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO DRIVE THIS BEAST. I totally did it, though, because I’m brave and didn’t want to look like a wimp in front of them.

Get this- when I was driving, the driver’s side door kept flying open! Every little bump and it popped out into traffic. Luckily it was just a stuck button but I was freaking out.

Partway down the road we stopped at a gas station to fill another car and I convinced Mr. Jeff to take the wheel for the freeway portion of the drive.

I followed Jeff in the RV the rest of the way home. Eddie’s wide backside looked awesome and ridiculous and I can’t believe I did this.

But, oh, how great did it feel to look out at my driveway and see this lovely 1977 Kit RV in my driveway, waiting for all the adventures we will have in it!

My boys both went bezerk over the new camper, and they loved the fact that it didn’t have rear seatbelts. I found the seatbelts tucked away later on, and they’re both a bit sad they’ll have to use them.

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