Visiting Krk Island, Croatia? Here’s How to Get There.

krk croatia
Written by Amy

We recently visited the island of Krk, Croatia. Krk is a really neat little island, and the city of the same name is also worth a visit. But, how do you get there? We asked this same question and got a lot of conflicting answers, so we are here to break it down for you! You’ve got a lot of options, depending on your budget and time constraints.

krk croatia beach pool sunset

The island of Krk, Croatia has tons of picturesque resorts, and we absolutely recommend you visit.

Hop on the Train to Krk

The nearest train stations are in Rijeka or Zagreb (both on the mainland) and you’ll have to find an additional means of transport to finish the journey. Rijeka is closer to Krk than Zagreb, but has fewer trains coming into it.

Getting to Krk by Plane

Krk has a tiny little airport, called Rijeka Airport. Note- Rijeka, the town, is on the mainland, but they named the airport on the island after it. There are limited flights from some cities in Europe, but they don’t fly every day and it’s expensive. You can also fly into Zagreb, Split, or even Venice and then complete the rest of the trip by car or bus.

Drive a Car to Krk

There’s a bridge connecting the island to the mainland. This seems to be one of the most popular ways for people to get to Krk. There’s a small toll- about 30 kuna, which is a few US dollars. Plenty of car rental companies such as Sixt and Avis operate in several Croatian towns including nearby Rijeka- a short drive to the island.

bridge krk croatia island

Forgive the crummy photo, but this is all I took of the road that goes into Krk

Taking the Bus to Krk

A bus can take you straight into the city of Krk, and costs around 65 kuna- $10.50 in USD. Bus Croatia is a great place to look up schedules. A lot of them start in the city of Rijeka. Getting to Rijeka by bus from neighboring areas is also very easy, and then you can just swap buses and keep going.

bus slovenia krk croatia

Getting there by bus was as easy as showing up to this marked spot at the bus station and getting on!

Sail to Krk on a Boat

We assumed there would be a lot of ferries here- there aren’t. There are ferries to other neighboring islands which would make for fun day trips, but none from the mainland. If you have serious cash, you could charter a private boat to get you there!

bus croatia

If you do come by bus, you’ll get this great view when you finally come over the mountains!

In the end, we took a bus from Slovenia into Rijeka, on the mainland. It was $6 a person when we booked about a month in advance- you can’t beat that price! We used FlixBus. The bus was newer and very nice. In Rijeka, we opted to rent a car and complete the drive ourselves, as we wanted to be able to drive around the island.

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