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The Best Places to Take Photos of the Statue of Liberty

Written by Amy

updated on May 9th, 2019

Seeing the Statue of Liberty in person is one of the most iconic things you can experience in America. It’s a famous American symbol that you see in every movie and TV show set in New York City. So, if you’re visiting, you probably want to grab a photo!

Lady Liberty is visible from multiple vantage points around Manhattan. We’ve listed our favorites here:

The Deck of the Staten Island Ferry

Staten Island Ferry with Statue of Liberty

This is one of the most popular places to photograph the Statue, though you’ll want to stand in the perfect spot on deck for the best angle. Travel experts recommend you stand on the right side of the boat if you’re departing from Whitehall Terminal in Manhattan.

If departing from Manhattan at St. George Terminal, you’ll want to stand on the boat’s left side. Many people capture Lady Liberty in the morning for the best lighting. Others use backlighting to capture a dramatic silhouette of the statue in the evening hours.

This may not work if fog or clouds set in. In this scenario, other photo opportunities still exist around the city.

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Distance Shots from Battery Park

view of Statue of Liberty from Battery Park

Many travelers say Battery Park is a great place to capture distance shots of the Statue. You can get some different perspectives doing your photography here, including capturing other nearby scenery for context.

Take a look at Trip Advisor to see what kind of shots you can get. Some of them look spectacular, especially when a little light fog rolls in.

Placing New York Harbor in the foreground can give you some other good photographic reference points. Plus, you’ll avoid the long lines for the ferry.

Photos from the Circle Line Harbor Cruise

view of Statue of Liberty Harbor Cruise

Taking photos of the Statue of Liberty directly from New York Harbor gives you opportunity to find more interesting ways to angle your photographs. Make time to go on the Circle Line Harbor Cruise where you’ll get not only a thorough history lesson about the statue, but also the best photo opportunities anywhere else on land or water.

You’ll sail within 100 feet of the statue for excellent close-ups. The boat also stops at Ellis Island so you can capture other photos at close range while on foot.

Despite costing $31 per adult (and $26 for children), you won’t find a better place to learn little-known facts while giving your camera a workout.

Do a Helicopter Tour

View of Statue of Liberty from Helicopter

For something a more adventurous, try booking a helicopter tour around New York Harbor for photos from the air.

This offers some exciting opportunities to capture digital images of the statue not many people have. A company called Liberty Helicopters offers a sky tour of the harbor. They have a reliable safety record, so you shouldn’t feel afraid to ride on a helicopter to take your travel photography to a new level.

All helicopters take off from the Downtown Manhattan Heliport. It isn’t far away from mass transit stops, making it easy to get to.

These tours start at $169/person, but if you can squeeze it into your budget, it’s well worth your time.

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