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The Best Area to Stay in Warsaw, Poland

Old Town Warsaw
Written by Amy

updated on April 28th, 2019

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We got really lucky on our trip to Warsaw, Poland. We booked an Airbnb almost solely for the fact that it had a washing machine. It looked cute, we could do our laundry, and the price was well under budget.

It turns out that certain parts of the city can seem a little discouraging- specifically for us, the area near the central train station. On an overcast March morning, the communist era apartment blocks and concrete buildings had us worried we were in for a few days of dreary sights. In fact, we walked past a Marriott skyscraper and thanked our lucky stars we hadn’t booked that spot- we had considered it!

The area we wandered into was a whole lot of this…
And this.

Luck was on our side as we boarded the bus toward Old Town. Old Town (and the rest of the city) was mostly destroyed by retreating Germans in WWII, but painstakingly rebuilt after the war. In fact, Poland referred to one artist’s work to formulate plans and attempt to restore the authentic construction

Old Town Warsaw is beautiful, even in March!

Our Airbnb happened to be right in the heart of Old Town. Sure, the area is touristy, but there are also a multitude of tasty restaurants and fun little shops to pop into. Many of the historical monuments and museums are well within walking distance. The public transit system is easily accessible as well, making Old Town the right place for tourists to stay.

If you’re coming to Warsaw, consider Old Town. We would personally recommend an Airbnb, because there aren’t a huge amount of hotels directly within Old Town. However, there are a few hostels and hotels ranging in prices, listed below from budget to expensive.

Dream Hostel

Oki Doki Hostel

Castle Inn

Mamaison Hotel le Regina

Hotel Bellotto

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