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Using the Metro in Budapest

Entering a Budapest metro station
Written by Amy

There are four metro lines in Budapest. They are all well-marked and just as easy to use as the trams and buses. Just like the previous methods, they will be packed during rush hours. The metro runs from 4:30 AM to 11:00 PM- check BKK’s website to verify times if you’ll be traveling during night hours.

All of the metro stations have ticket machines. If you hold a valid Travelcard you can simply hop on the train. If you purchased a single-use ticket, you must validate it on board the metro. Keep your tickets handy- we were stopped multiple times on the metro to show our tickets.

Budapest metro station entrance
A typical entrance to a metro station- this one happened to be under construction, but was still in use

Be sure you are getting on the correct line. All lines are labeled with their final destination. Make sure the metro car you board is the one going the direction you want!

M4 metro line
You’ll know you’re boarding the right metro if you see a sign like this above the platform- check for the stop you were planning on using!

A fun metro line in Budapest is the M1 line. It is the oldest metro line on the mainland of Europe. It was built directly beneath the ground, so you only go down a short flight of stairs to enter the platform. It was built to honor the millenium anniversary in Budapest in 1896- an entire 1,000 years since the city was founded by the Maygars! If you have the opportunity to use this historical metro line, you should!

Budapest M1 metro station
One of the historical M1 stations

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