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updated on May 11th, 2019

The city of Würzburg, Germany is the northernmost town in Bavaria and a great beginning for trips down the famous Romantic Road. But this city- the home of Julius Maximillian University of Würzburg- is rich in European history and culture, making it an ideal place to spend a few days. You can relish in the history and grandeur of old buildings, fortresses and bridges in Würzburg. Try some of these spots before venturing out on the rest of your trip.

Wurzburg, Germany: The Residenz

The Residenz

Built in the 1700s for the prince-bishops of Würzburg, The Rezidenz is considered an important European Baroque Palace. It is noteworthy for its magnificent staircase and chandeliers. An adjoining chapel has as much bling as you will find in any European cathedral. Concerts are often held in the gardens.

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Wurzburg Castle

The Marienberg Fortress

You can reach this gorgeous Würzburg castle by driving up the winding road to the upper parking lot, or you can park at the bottom and walk up. It sits on a hill and overlooks the river and the town. There are several museums and a gift shop on the grounds.

Wurzburg, Germany

The Alte Mainbrücke or Old Bridge

The Bridge, also called the Saint’s Bridge, was built in the late 1400s. The magnificent Marienberg Fortress hovers over you as you stroll across the bridge.

There are art galleries, museums, theaters, wine tasting excursions and historical walking tours nearby that will make your stay in this town one of the highlights of your vacation.

Wurzburg, Germany

Biking, walking, and boating along the Main River

There is a wide boardwalk on either side of the Main River where you can stroll, ride your bike or just sit and bask in the sun. Artists set up their easels and paint. You can take a short 45 minute leisurely boat ride to Veitshöchheim, the summer palace of the prince-bishops. There, you can stroll through a number of different gardens, each in its own unique style. You can meander around the grounds at your leisure as well as take a tour of the inside palace.

Wurzburg, Germany Hotels

Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, or Pension

If you want to stay in a luxury hotel with room service, you can do that. You will also find a large number of Bed and Breakfast Inns to choose from. Or, if you want to learn more about the culture, try driving around the town or the outskirts of town and look for one of these signs:

  • Zimmer Frei: This advertises a room for rent in a private home.  You will eat breakfast with some of the family members.
  • Pension: Pronounced “pin-see-own,” this is between a Zimmer Frei and a regular bed and breakfast. It will be a room in a private home that rents several other rooms. You will have breakfast with the family and the other guests.
  • Gasthaus or Gasthof: This is an inn with quite a few rooms for guests. It will have a bar and restaurant. It usually family owned and operated.
  • Or, search for a hotel below!

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